* What does the V1 cost?
$4,995, plus shipping.

* What does the V2 cost?
$5495, plus shipping.

* What does the V3 cost?
$6,495, plus shipping.

For $800 your RAMPBOSS can last forever rust free.  Crazy?!  We have discovered a heat-treat process we put the prefabricated parts through before it is sent to our powder coat paint shop.  IF some future generation were ever to find rust on your weatherproof protected RAMPBOSS we will fix it at no cost to you.

* What will shipping cost?
Cost depends on your geographic location and distance from our fab shop in Central Michigan.  Other factors are when your product is actually needed by,  weight of the model(s) and number of unit(s) you purchase and ship at one time.  Domestic US prices range from $350 to $650 for a single V1, V2, V3 model atop custom heavy duty wood pallets.

* Can RAMPBOSS ship outside the USA?
Yes.  We have and are ready to ship RAMPBOSS displays around the world.  Price to far off lands depends on geographic location, number of units (single pallets, weight/container size). ALL SALES OUTSIDE NORTH AMERICA WILL PAY 100% OF TOTAL INVOICE PRIOR TO SHIPPING.

* Is financing available?
Yes. We recommend Advantage Leasing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They have very flexible and tax advantageous payment programs available.  Call Leslie Conway at 877-892-9346.

* Are RAMPBOSS system American made?
YES. We have recently moved to a new 8000 square foot facility in Perrinton, Michigan.  North of Lansing by 30 minutes.

* What’s the purchase procedure?
Simply call, or send an email from the Contact page and provide your full name, position/title, company name, complete Ship/Bill To addresses, and phone numbers.  RAMPBOSS will confirm your email and generate a Purchase Agreement.  The agreement will spell out our best shipping price and any applicable taxes for review and authorization.  You are encouraged to compare our shipping rates against anyone and we will cooperate with clients desiring to arrange their own pick up and delivery from our shop.   Once we have secured the authorized Purchase Agreement and 50% deposit check for domestic sales, your order will be scheduled for production and a delivery estimate will be forecast.  We rarely have or keep inventory of specific models so build/delivery dates will vary.   After your RAMPBOSS arrives the balance is due immediately.

* How are displays delivered?
All displays arrive bound to a single custom heavy duty pallet via common LTL carriers.  We use UPS Freight primarily.  Truckers may, or may not assist with offloading at your location.  If you have NO LOADING DOCK or enough people to get it off the truck in pieces, a smaller truck with a lift gate can be dispatched to your delivery for a small additional fee.  A few physically fit guys can disband and unload the V1 & V2 ramps it in about 15 minutes from the end of the trailer.  Not advisable for the V3.  Closely inspect your display upon delivery for any shipping damage BEFORE signing a Proof Of Delivery document.

* What is the delivery time after an order is placed?
Delivery times fluctuate because of demand, build schedule, unrelated RAMPBOSS jobs in process, inventory, and customized orders.  Deliveries range between 5 business days for in-stock units, to as many as 7 weeks.  Orders and deliveries are on a first come basis.

* Will I need installation & training assistance?
The RAMPBOSS displays are safe and simple to assemble using only one tool and two guys.  You will be provided written instructions and a video that shows the RAMPBOSS being assembled and a car mounted.  Users MUST read and thoroughly understand the simple assembly and operation procedures before assembly.  RAMPBOSS Customer Assistance is available around the clock to help with instructions, or for simple reassurance for first time users.

* How long to assemble and position our first car?
With only five major components it’s simple to assemble and adjust.  Speed depends on experience, but for first time  users will range between 20 minutes to swap out vehicles, to 1-hour for users working through the instructions to mount their first car.  After a couple times using the display within a dedicated display area your RAMPBOSS can be changed out in about 10 minutes.   Never set up your display in a hurry for your own safety.

* Can it be easily moved around my lot?
The total weigh of the V1 is about 900 pounds and is divided between four primary components tied together with a 3 inch square steel tube securely connecting the bases of both sides.  It takes two men less than 10 minutes to disassemble and be ready for transport.  A pick up truck with a bed liner is all you need for the V1 and V2.  Components can be shuttled around using a two wheeled hand cart for the V1. The V-2 weighs nearly 1,200 lb. total, and the new V3 weighs nearly 1500 and will require a bit more strength if you don’t have material handling equipment.

* What effort goes into tilting a vehicle on the display?
Relatively little. Typical weight distribution of most vehicles is 60/40 favoring the front end. The pivot points of the ramp beams are situated slightly forward to compensate for that slight imbalance. Using the RAMPBOSS Ratcheting Turnbuckles operators simply crank the turnbuckles open (apart) or closed (together) to raise or lower the front of the vehicle respectively.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy two people can manipulate a massive 8000 lb vehicle when working the turnbuckles together.

* Can I put rear engine vehicles on the display?
Yes. Most rear engine vehicles like Lamborghini, Lotus, Tesla, Bugatti, and other exotics have relatively even weight distribution, and the RAMPBOSS works perfectly from any angle.  If you have unusual situations, conditions, or concerns please give us a call.

* Can you use it in your showroom?
Yes. However, you will need to consider protecting the floor against potential scrapes during assembly and mounting, carpet indentations and all other interior decor concerns.  2-Inch wide self-adhesive thin rubber strips can be stuck to the bottom to protect hardwood and tile floors.  We like 3M rubber floor traction tape, but there are other products and ideas that may better for you.

* Can I request a different metal finish?                                                         All RAMPBOSS displays come with a “factory/stock” dark metallic gun metal grey powder coat paint finish, with polished aluminum diamond plate accent facades.   RAMPBOSS can custom match powder coat paint if you can provide a paint code or actual color chip.  Paint brands and specialty colors differ in price greatly so please call with questions or special needs.

* What about replacement parts and accessories?
The only moving parts are two hefty turnbuckles and are available whenever you feel it’s time to replace them. We are always exploring new accessories, and our customers will be advised of any developments to make your RAMPBOSS work better for you.   Check our Product page now and again.

* What about maintenance?
We recommend replacing well maintained turnbuckles every 7 to 10 years depending on environmental conditions and amount of use.  They can last MUCH longer we feel if they’re kept clean and greased a couple times per year.  Turnbuckles not cleaned and re-greased and get a lot of use should be replaced at 6 to 7 year intervals.  Inspect the turnbuckles when greased for any signs of wear.  Never forget that when cleaning the screws to always twist the turnbuckles all the way in and out evenly to make sure the same number of threads appear at both ends of closed body turnbuckle shafts.

* What do you recommend for cleaning the display?
A mild liquid dish soap and a thick soft sponge and towel.  Glass cleaner works on the diamond plate just fine.

* Can I get quantity discounts?
Yes, but.  Please keep in mind that our displays are entirely hand crafted, labor intensive we consider “works of art”, and priced based on market rates for materials and time it takes to build 2 or 20.   We can really do better with our steel prices if we can order steel for 20, but since most people order two or three and there really isn’t any saving for us to pass along.

* Is RAMPBOSS-USA looking for Distributors or Resellers?
Yes. If you wish to explore any opportunities of working with us as a commissioned sales person, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

* Can I rent a display for special events?
A conditional yes. Although RAMPBOSS is not in the rental business (yet), we do get calls occasionally to rent ramps over the coarse of the year.  We simply can’t ship and return them cheap enough to make it worthwhile.   However, auto dealers in specific markets around the country are and/or may be willing to provide their RAMPBOSS to rental customers.   Rental prices have ranged between $800 to $1500 per day.  Call for details.


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